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Were you or a family member bitten or attacked by a dog? Or did your dog attack someone? If you are in need of a liability lawyer, make sure to contact a law firm who can work fast on your behalf. Contact Glasheen Law, experienced attorney in dog bite claims to represent you in the courtroom.

What to do if you are attacked by dog? Seek the dog bite attorney Glasheen.

The first thing you want to do is seek immediate medical attention. If it was a severe bite or attack, you may even need an ambulance. If the bite wasn’t that severe, go see a doctor right away. Don’t risk letting infection set in.

Infections from dog bites can lead to:

  • Rabies: With dog bites, you don’t know whether or not a dog was exposed to rabies, or how much bacteria they may have in their mouths. While a dog might look harmless, that doesn’t matter. If they were exposed to a wild animal, they need to be tested and so do you. Go to a doctor right away.
  • Bacteria and Germs: Even if the doctor says it’s not rabies, your bite can cause a nasty infection that has to be treated. Dogs have a lot of bacteria in their mouths. A small bite mark that breaks the skin can lead to infection or a fever. Different types of infections can lead to sepsis, cellulitis, or the risk of a limb getting infected that can lead to possible amputation or even death.

If your pet attacked someone seek legal representation from Glasheen Valles & Inderman

If you’re the owner and it was your dog that attacked someone, make sure to call the police so they can file a report. With the authorities there, they can help soothe a tense situation and calm down a nervous parent if your dog attacked their child. You also want to call your vet to have your pet tested for rabies. Next, get the contact information from the person that was attacked. You also want to check with your insurance company to get a copy of your liability insurance if the incident happened on your property. Then contact an experienced dog bite lawyer right away like Glasheen near Alamogordo New Mexico.

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