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Dog Bite Injury Attorney Los Ranchos de Albuquerque

Dog bites can be dangerous and cause life-long problems. Children can be at particular risk for serious injury when confronted with an aggressive dog. When a negligent dog owner allows an overly protective, poorly trained, or violent pet in Los Ranchos De Albuquerque to injure someone, it is the owner who is held responsible. We recommend that our readers consult the experts at Glasheen Law for legal advice after an attack.

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Dogs are natural hunters. Some misguided owners may breed dogs in order to make them even more aggressive, training them to attack or behave threateningly, but some dogs do not require any special training to become dangerous. A poorly trained dog can be violently aggressive when it feels threatened, is startled, or is hungry. Those who have suffered a dog attack already know that it can be a terrifying, violent experience with life-changing consequences. Even small dogs can inflict a great amount of damage, especially to small children who might unsuspectingly attempt to pet them or run away after they are charged.

Dog Attack Lawyer in Los Ranchos New Mexico

Dog attacks can result in a myriad of physical and mental consequences. They may cause disfigurement and scarring. They may become infected and cause serious harm or even transmit rabies or another deadly disease to a bite victim. The first step is professional treatment from a doctor or hospital. The next step for victims in Los Ranchos De Albuquerque should be Glasheen Law.

Los Ranchos attorneys have a unique understanding of the local danger and are experienced, knowledgeable victim advocates in regards to the applicable laws. Victims need to know their rights. And while receiving legal counsel does not take away the pain and suffering a victim has experienced, it is important to protect yourself and your future when you have been victimized.

Dogs are the responsibility of the owner. Careless, negligent, or nefarious owners who allow their pets to cause harm to others must be held responsible for the actions or inaction that leads to an attack. Victims deserve the best medical care and the best legal counsel from Glasheen Law.

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